Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Humorous Workzone Cones

This is such a great gift. You've seen it before. These are the orange caution cones you see placed around places where there are road works being done or construction site. However, you can find them now in 4" with humorous messages on them like:







#1 MOM


They're perfect for any work desk, counters or any flat surface. You can place them in your office, your vehicle, kitchen counter, etc. and they make great fun gifts or party favours.

You can find them at Suntec City Level 2 Tropics Atrium (opposite Guardian). For more info, feel free to email info@babygorillaz.com.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Candy Floss Making TOY??

I came across this Candy Floss making machine being promoted as a TOY for kids!! A toy that rots teeth, contributes to obesity and shoots sugar in high doses to kids making them hyperactive. Thats just what us parents need.

Does it provide any educational benefits? Improve motor skills - maybe; coz the little ones will have to learn how to move a stick in a circle to catch the floss. Maybe it will teach them entreprenuership skills if they set-up their toy on their local street corner and sell it $1 a stick.

Can you oicture it? Your kid will be holed up in his room day in day out churning candy floss for themselves and their buddies to consume the whole day long. A veritable candy floss buffet!

It just shows that some toy manufacturers are just coming up with toys and products just to make a buck. There's no thought given towards the welfare, wellbeing, developement or health of the child. Social responsibility be damned.

Don't get me wrong. If the product was marketed at parents, as a special treat that they can make during parties or family gatherings, thats fine. Adults have the right to rot their own teeth if they wish....but for the ad to target specifically at kids.....tsk tsk.

The candy floss maker was probably invented by a dentist. Thats what I call entreprenueship!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kids' Juke Box: Personalised Music for Children

It was a relaxing Sunday morning. The weather in Sydney was excellent - blue skies, cool breeze - and my wife and I was taking our baby son out for a stroll - in a shopping mall, of course (so typical ya). We came across this booth which we thought wasn't really remarkable looking, just another booth selling music CDs and DVDs and probably pirated as well, we thought. You see this in nearly every mall and street market all over the world actually.

But the guy called us over and asked us, friendly like, our baby boy's name. Upon providing his name (Sean), he promptly bashed away on his keyboard and a kid's song came over the speakers. To our amazement and delight, Sean's name was being sung in the song!! The name was IN THE LYRICS!! That was our 1st encounter with Kids' Juke Box.

A programme would insert Sean's (or any child's name) into the lyrics of the songs, such that when you play the music, it sings the name too. And not just once but numerous times throughout the song. And depending on the album you pick, the 8 - 12 songs in the album would each of them have Sean's name in it.

The music CD is then burned on the spot (takes less than 2 minutes) and voila, you take home the completed music cd where you can play in your car or any cd player. No software or any programming involved. You can even personalise it further by printing a message onto the CD label.

You should see Sean when we play his cd. He absolutely loves it. He was amazed that his name was being sung and just thrilled him to bits. He'll dance around - if you can call his jigging around 'dancing' but then , he's two.

FYI, Kids Juke Box is now available in Singapore and Malaysia - one of the 1st few Asian countries to have it. Check it out at www.babygorillaz.com

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What's what

Finally, I've started a blog. I spent ages trying to think of a topic for a blog that anybody would be vaguely interested in reading. Definitely not a personal one....as I'm sure there's tons of really fascinating people out there. So this blog is going to be more 'commercial'.....?? If thats the right word for it. See, I have an online business selling personalised children's products - from children's music CDs, story-book CD-ROMs, singing alarm clocks and more. By the way, the website is www.babygorillaz.com (I HAVE to mention it, don't I : ))

I'll write a bit about my products but I will be keeping my eye open for anything interesting for babies and children. New innovative toys, gadgets, gizmos, educational games....pretty much anything that catches my fancy.

So here goes.....lets start the adventure into the wonderous world of blogging.